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What we do

Spotlight On Me offers media training and media presence strategy sessions to help you look and feel your best when dealing with the media.  Whether you are an influencer, artist, athlete, or entrepreneur, we can help you learn to present well, speak better, learn how to access media for yourself and your business and so much more.  We offer personalized individual coaching, group coaching, and online courses.  You can also book our Media Trainer Rae Williams to speak to your small group or at your next event.  Click the link below to learn more.

What we d

Raecine 'Rae' Williams is an award-winning Jamaican TV host, entertainment and lifestyle journalist, producer and author now based in Los Angeles, CA.
Known for delivering fun, insightful interviews with a story at heart, Rae has brought life to programming and publications across the world -- from the top-rated syndicated Jamaican magazine show, Entertainment Report (ER); to reporting from the White House to the glitzy Red Carpets and celeb world of Los Angeles.

Whether in print or in person, Rae is versatile, bright, and known for charming everyone she comes into contact with.  She has interviewed major celebs like Snoop Dogg, Jane Fonda, Sofia Vergara, Rosario Dawson, Heidi Klum, and Nick Cannon. Rae has also appeared in TV commercials and on billboards for Caribbean brand giants like Grace Kennedy and Digicel.  

Armed with undergraduate and graduate degrees in film and journalism, years of experience, two regional Emmy awards, a White House News Photographer Award, a reporting fellowship in a top-25 TV market, and a book on media presence, Rae shares her passion for media as a Media Presence Strategist, coaching people from all industries and walks of life on how to be their best in the media spotlight.

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Rae gives an overview of one of her confidence-building acronyms, 'SEERS', from Spotlight on Me.  

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